Escape Abduction

Escape Abduction
3.5 / 2
Escape Abduction
Escape Abduction
Escape Abduction
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Escape Abduction is an exciting toy quest in which developers used the idea of ​​leaving the room with entertaining puzzles.

The plot line is not new and quite banal: our character woke up in an unknown room and does not even know why he was there. The first sensible idea is to escape from this room as quickly as possible.

In the rooms you can always find different items and devices. Also, each level contains a door, which, naturally, will become our main goal. The player must use the found things to open the treasured door.

It is worth remembering the fact that some objects need to be combined with each other in order to fix something or create an improved weapon. So the hammer and nails will allow to make a stool, and the pipe, reeled up by an insulating tape, will give the chance to reach the cabinet.

The level of difficulty on assignments is gradually increasing, as it should be. So the passage becomes more exciting. If the player is at a dead end, then you can use a hint.


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