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Barren Lab (Poor Laboratory) is an atmospheric toy, presented in the puzzle genre with a unique gameplay, which is built on physical laws.

At the beginning of the passage about the plot you will only know that you will have to act as a little boy, whose name is Joe. He lost something and now must go on a trip through the dark world in search of his loss. But as you progress through the rounds, everything starts to become more understandable and you will find yourself deeply involved in an intricate story with mysterious events.

All the actions of the game develop in an unusual and mysterious world, where shadows play a key role, and all sorts of influences are based on physical laws. Graphics in an application of good quality, everything will be in dark colors with colorful and bright elements, in fact this gives the application a uniqueness and uniqueness.

In the gameplay you will have to manage the main character. But management will also consist of solving complex puzzles, which will give an understanding of what this universe is and will gradually bring you closer to unraveling the key mystery


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