Brain On! Physics Boxs Puzzles

Brain On! Physics Boxs Puzzles
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Brain On! Physics Boxs Puzzles is a great arcade puzzle game in which you can express your imagination, because it is its presence that can lead the user to victory.

The task of the player is to make the box appear in the designated place. Also, it should stay in a certain zone for at least three seconds.

The player can use only the truck, the proposed field at the level, fantasy and logical thinking to achieve the goal. A gamer should draw a line with a virtual chalk, which eventually becomes material. By creating such designs, you can end up with the desired goal.

The gameplay is made in a simple format. Graphically, we see a two-dimensional picture in front of us. Control is performed using two buttons, responsible for driving our truck forward and backward. You also need to navigate the screen to get the material line.

The developers have done a good job on the physics of falling and moving objects, so it will be necessary to refresh knowledge from this area in order to be ready for the consequences of their actions in advance.


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