Escape: World of Puzzles

Escape: World of Puzzles
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Escape: World of Puzzles
Escape: World of Puzzles
Escape: World of Puzzles
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Escape: World of Puzzles is a great application, which, due to the large number of game levels, requires the user to have the maximum level of intelligence and attention.

The game does not have any story: each level involves opening the coveted door and moving to the next stage. An interesting element is the fact that most levels represent the same thing, in which only the conditions for solving the puzzle change.

So, for example, we are on the territory of England, and before us is a telephone booth. To overcome the level, you need to be inside. To accomplish this task, we must throw a trash can in the policeman, use the accelerometer to roll the waste basket aside, take a camera to take off the speed cars and so on.

Then we find ourselves in the next country, where a new building or an object with a closed door is waiting for us, as well as regular headdresses with original tasks and their solutions.

For complex tasks, you can use hints, which requires access to the Internet.


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