Sokoban Galaxies 3D

Sokoban Galaxies 3D
5 / 2
Sokoban Galaxies 3D
Sokoban Galaxies 3D
Sokoban Galaxies 3D
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Sokoban Galaxies 3D (Sokoban 3D Galaxy) - a stylish space application in which the main character was the bug-eyed alien. With the latter we have to rearrange the boxes.

The game is a classic Sokobanja in the original design. Each level contains a platform that hung in space. On it are a certain number of boxes and dots marked places where you should be and existing items.

An alien is able to move the boxes only in the forward direction, pull the drawers our ward can not. For this reason it is necessary in advance produmyvat further actions and only then begin to flow. Once the boxes are on their meste, we get access to the next stage.

If there is a difficulty, you can use undo the last stroke of our stranger. You can also use a hint in which the alien performs work for us automatically. Only when such a decision, we can not make the latest star rating. It is still possible to expose the complexity.


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