Empress of the Deep 2

Empress of the Deep 2
3.5 / 6
Empress of the Deep 2
Empress of the Deep 2
Empress of the Deep 2
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Game review Empress of the Deep 2

Empress of the Deep 2 (Dive into the abyss) - the company «Big Fish Games» decided to scare all users with its new game project.

If the vas is not very long spine tingled from overwhelming fear and you have already bored order for this feeling, then presented a game project you love, and make the experience again fear.

So, in the story of this game you will learn the history, in which your character poluchil inherited pomeste in England. From this and start your adventure. Your character will begin to explore the area received an inheritance of real estate and finds that it nahodyatsya poltergeist.

Your hero lived fairly boring life full of repetitive tasks that he left unfulfilled. But one character received a letter which stated that he - the sole heir incredibly vast estates in England.

You will now go through all of this exciting story with the original graphics, which will only aggravate the situation. The user will need to find a solution to a large number of different puzzles.


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