Ant hill trap

Ant hill trap
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Ant hill trap
Ant hill trap
Ant hill trap
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Ant hill trap (Trap Ant Hill) - you love pass gameplay applications that need to make an escape? If yes, then you povezlo and you stumbled upon this exciting toy.

The idea of ​​this android application is quite original: you will be in the "skin" muraveychika who was not lucky, and he lagged behind its neighbors. All the ants have escaped from the anthill, which attacked evil big ants, except for one - of course, your main character.

Now, as you know, you will need to help the unfortunate insect out of the barriers, which prigotovili for him enemies. To perform in front of your hero postavlennoe job, he needs to overcome all the trials and come to a decision Proper fairly complex puzzles.

Your osnovnaya goal - to get out of the room by opening the door by solving puzzles. So you can complete level walkthrough. And when you are able to overcome all of the proposed game levels - will be able to win and go through the entire application.

You will not be limited in time, but still worth to act quickly so as not to tire.


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