Chickens Quest

Chickens Quest
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Chickens Quest
Chickens Quest
Chickens Quest
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Chickens Quest (in search of chickens) - a remarkable application that relates to the unique puzzle elements of arcade c. In this great game is a great game developers to hand-drawn, and quite dynamic gameplay, allowing the passage of this application is even more fun and exciting.

The storyline of this application relates to the player on quite an interesting history. It happened in a dark and spooky night, when all the animals were asleep. Suddenly, all the animals woke up there was a cry of, so began a terrible commotion.

In the process of all the chaos going on around you will need to protect juveniles, which without any help will not be able to return home. Chicks are waiting for a large number of fairly unpleasant and dangerous obstacles, from which you and will protect them. Chicks at risk in the form of large amounts of water, in which they can drown, or the intense and high flame, inside of which, naturally, they will burn.

Use a fire extinguisher to save the birds from the flame, or dynamite, so you will be able to help the chicks.


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