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Cavemania (Cave mania) - this type of toy, "three in a row", only then we will be able to see the elements of the strategy and ... and even dinosaurs! Provide assistance to the leader in search and reunion of his tribe, destroying a powerful enemy after another.

- Do you remember the very good old strategy? For that you could sit for hours! They're back! Become the leader of his tribe and lead it forward only, avoiding all sorts of prehistoric obstacles and dangers. Thoroughly think over their plans and actions, combine resources. Enter your units to the playground, build various buildings and use them wisely. Proceed bravely, but very carefully, struggling not only with opponents, but also the insidious nature.

• Everyone in your your tribe is well-versed in the business. Warrior one stroke powerful clubs will throw back a terrible saber-toothed tiger. Slingers can stun an aggressive Tyrannosaurus rex. And if you have to distract a hungry dinosaur, then there will come to the aid of a brave hunter.

• Suck his tribe, passing milestones and achieving many improvements for your units and buildings. You will be able to achieve victory in many ways, use different strategies and tactics!


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