Tiny Rails

Tiny Rails
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Tiny Rails
Tiny Rails
Tiny Rails
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Tiny Rails (Little Train) - unique in its execution arcade game in which the perfect combination of strategic elements. A controlled in the game you will have with your personal train.

Rail transport you received as an inheritance from his grandfather, and you need to continue to pursue and develop the family business. To do this, learn to control train and made several trips between the stations, carrying people and getting paid for it.

In addition to passenger traffic at the same time you will be able to engage in the development of trade relations, buying groceries in the town, where they are cheaper, and transport them to places where they can adequately pay for them. All revenue is spent on research of various modifications, giving a chance to increase the carrying capacity of their trains, their speed.

And for the fulfillment of the mission, you will get real diamonds. They can be spent on the purchase of brand-new cars, which can cling to your mini train. In the toy Tiny Rails you get a bunch of all sorts of opportunities and unique gaming chips, which you will just playing for yourself.


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