Angry Fighter Attack

Angry Fighter Attack
3.67 / 3
Angry Fighter Attack
Angry Fighter Attack
Angry Fighter Attack
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Angry Fighter Attack - another simply furious shooter, where you have lots of little waving fists hero.

The brother of the main character was killed by a local mafia. After talking with the head of the gang and seized him by the throat, you are promising that soon he will get up.

Once you begin to clean all areas of the city of sixes villain. You can beat them by hand and still enjoy combo skills, capable of applying a series of blows smashing down almost any enemy. Even you will be able to put a block, practically skipping damage.

Often with immobilized bodies enemies will drop one or another useful thing or a weapon. A gamer will receive a wound, the level will always be able to find a first aid kit, and then continue what they started.

In the end all the areas have to meet with the Boss - particularly strong type of health stock which will exceed yours.

The world in the application looks just too good. On grfiku it spent a lot of time and it is. Voice acting is also at a height, you will feel that you are in some kind of Hollywood action movie, where the hero is beating strong opponents of the crowd.


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