Solitaire Collection

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Solitaire Collection
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Solitaire Collection
Solitaire Collection
Solitaire Collection
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Solitaire Collection (Solitaire Collection) - a collection that includes many variations of Solitaire, for example, Solitaire and Spider Solitaire Classic, which is already familiar from the set of games Windows. But will also be very non-standard options such as Scorpion and Pyramid.

Most people are acquainted with computer games is not through some cool shooter or a quality strategy. It all began with a simple collection of toys: Solitaire, Minesweeper and Pinball. That entertain people for many years on various versions of Windows. Solitaire is a board toy where you have to lay out the cards from the youngest to the oldest. Thus, if you do it wisely, you will reach the highest - the king.

Maps will be decomposed columns on a couple of pieces. At the top of each pile will be card inverted face. Have to get rid of it, in order to move to the next. Cards impose on one another mozho is the principle: red on black triple deuce. Coat card here is not important, the main point - to lay down some color cards "Zebra".

Now there is always fun for a couple minutes.


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