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Goat HD
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Goat HD
Goat HD
Goat HD
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Goat HD - a company called «Elvista Media Solutions» again presented us with your game project. It relates to card games. Actually, the name Toys "Goat HD» already speaks for itself.

So, what is the card game za such, this "goat"? Goat - is the Soviet card game that has already become legendary. Rostral not even nuzhdaetsya introduction as all and so are able to play it.

The goal that you reach for neobhodimo gameplay dostatochno simple and nothing noticeably different from the target in any drugoy toy, even if it does not card - you need to defeat your opponents.

It's a team game in which you neobhodimo score as many points kolichestvo, and this neobhodimo sobrat greatest number of tricks. This android application has the name because after kakaya something the team loses, each member of the team the rest of the players can safely be called "goats."

In the gameplay you will appreciate the advanced intelligence team, twelve sets of cards and nine gaming tables. Also have the opportunity to play with his friend by turning on «hot-seat».


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