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Dice Cast
Dice Cast
Dice Cast
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Dice Cast (dice) - an exciting multi-user desktop application from the developer mobirix.

The essence of the gameplay - turn throw two dice and other users to move forward on the many moves, many managed to throw. The goal, of course - to get to the finish line before it will turn your opponents. Only in this way will win.

Application charms became a large set of various power-ups and obstacles scattered on our way. For example, it is possible to cut off the road to be specified if the square. Also, naporovshis a bomb, we fly off the back of the blast wave. Field filled boxes with different amplifiers. Inside the boxes are extra throws bones, gun, shooting at one of the opponents, the guards, who are able to reject any player who approached him, and even buttons with Mike Tyson. If an enemy activates a button, the famous boxer strongly pull it.

Thanks to the victory the user will get not only the additional experience points, but also useful resources that you can spend on new abilities of the hero and the improvement of already discovered the characteristics of the character.


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