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Godzill.io (Godzill.io) - an unusual multi-player arcade application with some elements of the action.

The game story tells us about the huge lizard that attacked the city. This character is already used to calling Godzilla. We should be in the role of the hero who will be able to deal with the monster, while protecting the peaceful citizens of the country. Also, the user must engage in battles with other gamers in the various arenas and locations.

First of all, after completing the training phase, the player must open the chest, which contains useful items, weapons and currency. Also, the user needs to pick up equipment for his ward, selecting both basic and additional types of weapons, armor and various grenades. Now you can go to the battles in which we are already expecting opponents.

The developers made an interesting move, thanks to which the user must go through fights not only as a brave soldier, but also as a huge lizard, seeking to destroy much of the city's territory. This method introduces a variety in the gameplay.


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