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Raspberry jam
3.5 / 6
Raspberry jam
Raspberry jam
Raspberry jam
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Raspberry Jam is a colorful puzzle game in the genre three in a row that allows the user to stroll in the crimson realm.

Admirers of simple and simultaneously curious puzzles of this direction will be pleased with the appearance of a new application called "Raspberry jam".

The user must perform the tasks set before him, use the offered bonuses and enjoy a high-quality two-dimensional image.

We have to pass the crooked levels, in which the overall difficulty of the game gradually increases. Each round involves the execution of a specific task, for example, collecting a given number of sweets, destroying blocks of ice, releasing items, and other tasks. The missions are standard, so there should not be any difficulties, especially if you have already gone through similar applications.

Gameplay, along with the management remained unchanged. Managing one finger, it is necessary to change the position of the tiles and combine the rows of at least three elements. So we will come out to perform the task and get as a reward jam from raspberries. It just acts as an additional task at each of the proposed stages.


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