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3.5 / 2 Snake Line Arena Snake Line Arena Snake Line Arena
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Game review Snake Line Arena Snake Line Arena (Snixx Snake Line Arena) - multi-user kazualka with a snake in the title role for attentiveness and reaction.

A simple-looking arcade that is presented in real time, in which you take control of a small retro snake. The essence of the game is the creation of the world's largest snake, you can do this by consuming the currency of the game scattered throughout the location. But beware of other gamers and try to make decisions just lightning fast.

Initially, your snake will be quite small, but it will quickly grow in size by consuming blocks that are located in locations. Thus, to manage your ward you will gradually move to the very top of the rating. In the menu you will have the opportunity to pick up for yourself the most comfortable control. There will be options with a classic four-way joystick, a simple option through the svaypas on the display.

As in the mega popular application, you can not touch the opponents in this game, otherwise you will immediately lose.


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