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My Tubi - an unusual casual toy - a simulator for looking after a pet, which may not only be a cat, but a goblin, and even a bearded man.

The player can grow not only the next animal, but also a full-fledged person whose abilities and skills depend solely on the actions of the user himself. The gamer should track the state of his ward, putting him to sleep, feeding him and playing, having fun overcoming the card strategy.

After determining the choice of character, the player immediately turns to caring for his pet. There are all well-known rooms, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and playroom. It is clear that each of them assumes its own kind of activity. Also, do not forget about the indicators of the pet, which can be tracked in the lower area of ​​the screen.

Developers offer users to choose things and objects used for the protagonist or placed in the rooms. You can also pump furniture, which brings the gamer additional amounts of game currency. Coins and crystals can be used to buy food and chests with useful bonuses.


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