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Chilly snow
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Chilly snow
Chilly snow
Chilly snow
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Chilly Snow (Cold Snow) - make the most reckless descent from a large snow-covered mountainside.

The creators did not strain and create some kind of unique hero, so that you'll manage a simple little point. Keep it under control you will be throughout the descent, while the most fascinating is that it will periodically change its color during the movement.

The sooner you go, the more points you can earn. As insidious traps here will act pine, are put in a chaotic manner at the level. Going around them is not so easy, because at high speed, they will approach very quickly, and your maneuverability will not be as controlled as it was at the very beginning at low speed.

Steering the ball is quite simple: a short press will allow you to perform a turn with a small amplitude, and if you decide to keep your finger on the display, then make a larger turn, which will often be vital.

Get fresh images of the ball and pines you can at the expense of game currency.


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