Cyber ​​Swiper

Cyber ​​Swiper
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Cyber ​​Swiper
Cyber ​​Swiper
Cyber ​​Swiper
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Cyber ​​Swiper (Cyber ​​Swiper) is an adventure action game with arcade elements, in which you will go to explore young planets filled with their own civilizations and unique kinds of life.

Leave for the study of distant planets inhabited by unknown creatures, bypassing critical traps and trying to reach the finish of the maze. Levels will be filled not only with caps, but also with valuable monetary currency, more correctly, points that are better to collect.

The ball will move slowly through the labyrinth and collect scattered crystals with scores. Everything would be too easy, but there will be a lot of obstacles, which you will simply lose and you will have to start everything from the very beginning. The ball will be subjected to a deadly threat every time, after it the dark biomass is constantly being pursued, which at the same time also destroys the labyrinth. So if you delay, then the game will end for you lamentably.

Unlike most similar arcade controls you will not be slopes of the device, but at the expense of the svayp.


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