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Hopeless Heroes
Hopeless Heroes
Hopeless Heroes
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Hopeless Heroes (Hopeless Hero) - a tamer, where you have to help blobs in the battles with new and fears.

Blobs are pleasant helpless creatures at first glance, which shine in the haze. They are quite friendly and each time walk in a crowd, not paying attention to numerous fears and opponents. They finally managed to get out of the black caves, but all the efforts were futile. Since even outside they were already awaited by terrible threats in the guise of terrible monsters, with whom you, precisely, will have to fight.

The gameplay of the provided toy is radically different from the previous series of games. For you, you will no longer need to use firearms, as everything will be solved by the sharp blade in your hands. The place of action has also changed. Now you will find yourself in an entirely new world for yourself, which is full of all kinds of monsters. They need to be destroyed completely, using the speed of their fingers.

Now you will make clicks as fast as possible. Any pressing will be responsible for hitting the blade with a monster. The more speed of pressing, the faster you will win.


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