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Dunk A Lot
3.5 / 2
Dunk A Lot
Dunk A Lot
Dunk A Lot
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Dunk A Lot (a lot of dunk) is a terrific application-timkiller, in which developers created simple gameplay and simple control.

Here, the user must throw a ball into the ring for basketball. We will manage it with one click on the screen. In other words, click on the display - the projectile moves to the selected side, another - to the other.

In this simple way, the player must reach the finish line in the current level. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that when we start the same level again, the obstacles are already in a different location (the so-called random generation of stages).

Dunk A Lot offers us to cope with 20 levels. Despite such a small number of them, it will not be easy to go through the entire game process, because the level of complexity is quite high, and any error leads the user back to the start.

It was not without the in-game currency, thanks to which you can access additional skins for our ball. You can also unblock them by watching commercials. After some time, the user is given a free bonus.


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