Ultra Fighters

Arcade, Role Playing
Ultra Fighters
3.5 / 2
Ultra Fighters
Ultra Fighters
Ultra Fighters
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Ultra Fighters (Ultra Fighters) is a cool Japanese slacking application, in which developers have implemented a side view and also added high-quality animation effects.

Fans of classical representatives of this genre will be delighted by the appearance of this project for androids. Here we meet with a lot of original characters, dozens of their abilities and, of course, with a dynamic combat system that will not allow players to get bored during the game process. Also worth noting is colorful animation and high-quality drawing of locations and heroes.

We are invited to move on the game in several modes: PvP-battle, where our opponents are real users, and the classic passing levels. If everything is clear with the first regime, without superfluous questions, then the second one needs to be told in more detail. There are several parts in which we must fight various street criminals. Of course, each of them is fluent in kung fu, so it can easily deal with our hero.

Our character is also skilled and armed with two blades, but do not underestimate your enemy.


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