FacePunch.io Boxing Arena

FacePunch.io Boxing Arena
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FacePunch.io Boxing Arena
FacePunch.io Boxing Arena
FacePunch.io Boxing Arena
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FacePunch.io Boxing Arena (Beat in Face. I Boxer Ring) is a lively online boxing with a fair linear leveling system.

Rather in the ring! The given game is built on the principle of boundless internet battles. Subsequently, the choice of the hero you will find yourself right in the ring, where besides you there will be 29 more real gamers, your task at the expense of strikes will exterminate competitors, which will most advantageously affect the points received, while players will be locked in the side-lines of the ring ropes.

The pumping system is as simple as possible, for any destroyed competitor you get specific points, and yours will grow in volume and increase the amount of energy. This energy is needed to deal blows with crushing power.

Gradually, as you move forward, you will be able to open access to fresh heroes who have different abilities and abilities, in fact, that will allow you to stay in this dynamic and bright toy for a long time. Also, by watching commercials you can speed up the process of pumping a little.


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