Kindergarten: animals

Kindergarten: animals
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Kindergarten: animals
Kindergarten: animals
Kindergarten: animals
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Kindergarten: animals (Kindergarten: Animals) is a training application for children who are already ready to go to kindergarten.

This toy is designed to show the child what he has to do in the manger. To tiny users it was interesting to pass the application, as the main characters here will be funny animals: rhinoceros, giraffe and bear cub.

The adventures of the characters begin in the early morning and end with the onset of the evening. For this period of time, the kids eat, play and gradually get acquainted with the world around them.

A small gamer should cope with various actions: turn off the lights for characters during a quiet hour, and cover them with warm blankets, etc. Kindergarten: animals is an interactive adventure app, thanks to which the child can usefully spend his free time, at the same time preparing for the kindergarten.

If the baby will have difficulty in passing, the toy will always hint and tell you what actions need to be performed at the moment to move on in the game process.

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