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Tricks Bowmasters
Tricks Bowmasters
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Tricks Bowmasters is an entertaining arcade application where we can show our knowledge gained in school years in physics and heroin lessons.

Battles in the toy are like a classic version of dueling, where the combatants alternately can strike, and in our case - to make shots or throws.

Each of the 30 characters has an inherent only weapon, the amount of which is quite large here. Here you can use the classic axes and bows, as well as playing cards, syringes and even joysticks from the game console.

The choice from the heroes is so diverse and wide that at first even the eyes scatter. You can open access to the new character with the help of coins, which are earned by victories and hits to the enemy's head.

The difficulty of passing is that the enemy is far away from us, so that it can not be seen at once. We must calculate the approximate strength of the throw, as well as the angle at which it will be executed. Thus, we need to get into our opponent, causing him gradually damage. Each hit causes the enemy to move slightly, which further complicates the task.

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