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Stickman Slice
Stickman Slice
Stickman Slice
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Stickman Slice (Cutler Stickman) - casual arcade application with hand drawn little men, as well as the familiar mechanics of the developer Fruit Ninja.

The gameplay of the arcade invites us to try ourselves in the role of the executioner, who is obliged to cut the stickers in half. Mechanics, as well as the entire gameplay, fully repeat the familiar for many plan Fruit Ninja, which was seen a long time ago, but still enjoys fame.

In this application, instead of fruits, we used drawing people who are still flying out of the lower area of ​​the screen and hang for a while at the top. The player must cut in half the people on the way with the help of the first finger, which acts as a pointed blade. It is necessary to work very quickly, since the number of lives the user has is limited, so if three stickmen manage to pass you by, you'll have to start all over again.

Initially, the number of stickers is small, they separate from others, so that they can be cut serenely. Once you notice a little man painted in blue paint - you need to expect a wave. The latter consists of 10-15 stickmen, which randomly fly out, waiting for the user to cut them.


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