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Game review (Quest.IO) - an entertaining arcade in which you need to capture as many plots of land as possible.

The player is given a certain amount of the playing field, which must be expanded all the time, you need to go beyond your own territories and subsequently capture the enemy, just passing through them. But the difficulty will be that it will be necessary and timely return back, while the opponents have not blocked your path, otherwise you will have to start from the very beginning.

But to create lines must be skillful and agile, so when you go beyond the boundaries of your own field, an imprint will begin to follow the hero. In the event that the enemy crosses it, the gamer will be credited with defeat.

Applications with a prefix at the end of "io" are quite in demand in our time. So our toy will remain relevant for a long time. But in the reviewed game you will have the opportunity to have fun without turning on wi-fi, in fact this moment makes the game independent of the global web.

The toy has a simple interface and comfortable control, which is executed at the expense of tapes on the screen.


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