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Dino paint
Dino paint
Dino paint
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Dino paint (Dino Drawing) is a delightful coloring that has within 60 different types of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs lived for a long time before the emergence of a man, because of this there is no reliable information about them, but the toy will show you how they looked really. The creator of the provided toy presents you with a personal vision of this issue.

In the coloring is more than 60 blanks and any of them the user can transform into the most colorful and unique masterpiece. To make this happen, you will need to use the gamma on the right of the screen.

The application will perfectly fit young guys who are just beginning to learn our world. For example, the program has a learning character and there are quite a few options in it, since they are completely useless to the kids.

Gamma in the application will total 12 colors, the size of the brush is standard and does not change. In case of a miss, the user can return everything as it was, there will be an opportunity and use an eraser. As soon as the sketch is ready, you can immediately save it to your gallery in order to show your friends how talented you are.


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