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Cat Bird
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Cat Bird
Cat Bird
Cat Bird
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Cat Bird (Cat Bird) - excellent quality platformer about the fun adventures of a kitten that can fly.

In the toy gamer will manage a fluffy cat, who always tries to find some kind of adventure for himself. At all levels, you will need to make your way to the portal (black rum), in order to move to the next location.

The control scheme is the simplest - at the bottom of the display there will be buttons that are responsible for moving and jumping. One hand will not be enough to play, since the buttons will be on different sides.

The mechanics of the Cat Bird application are slightly different from similar projects. For example, the icon with jumps is also used to work in the air to maintain flight. It is worth noting that the cat will not fly horizontally. He does not have much power, and gravity will force him to almost immediately drop altitude. Therefore, the gamer will have to use various objects (for example, boxes) to reach another shore. In addition, the rounds will be filled with all kinds of traps and obstacles (circular saws, abysses, enemies). And in some locations have to even meet with the bosses.


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