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Flip Knife 3D (Turning Knife 3D) - an interesting timekiller, in which the gamer will have to deal with tossing knives and swords.

Many since the childhood are well familiar with a similar game - it is necessary to throw a knife so that after its rotation there was a sticking in some hard surface, for example, on a table. At the heart of this timekiller and put a similar rule.

At you for a choice there will be already 2 game modes - combinations and an arcade. The first gamer will be allowed to hone his skills on the spot, trying to perform the maximum number of clean samples.

In the arcade, the idea is slightly changed - the gamer will be on different platforms, which will interfere with the flight path of the knife. Moving the weapon above, the player will earn himself points and advance through the levels.

Sometimes gamers will come across coins, but you can get them only by hitting them. One gold will give you 10 game dollars, but still you will have to save a new knife for a long time. In general, with this application you can perfectly spend your free time, remembering your childhood.


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