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Grow Tower (Tower Tower) - a non-standard tower defense, where the battle to take part will need to be the player himself.

We did not prepare any story or background for the developers, after the gamer's launch, they will immediately put before the fact that he needs to bravely defend against the attacks of incomprehensible creatures. In this gameplay will not be limited to the fact that you need to exhibit different types of towers in the right places.

In the submission of the gamer will be a large number of unique characters with

a good arsenal of different abilities and abilities. When you get the right amount of energy units, you can immediately use this or that method. The effect for each skill is completely different, and you will be able to determine it only due to constant experiments and experiments.

The application will be pleased with its variation of upgrades: many things will be subjected to improvements - from the number of archers on the gate to the skills of the heroes. Coins are obtained in the application in the usual way - for all murders.

After passing one wave of opponents, you can immediately begin to improve.


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