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Muse Runner
3.5 / 2
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Muse Runner (Music Runner) is a very hardcore 2D-runner game, which is the continuation of the "Impossible Game".

The gameplay of this project is based on a subtle sense of rhythm and good reaction speed. With both qualities should complement each other. To start the game process, it is necessary to select an available track and determine the character.

From the chosen musical accompaniment will depend on the gamma of colors of the world and the severity of its passage. On the way all the time there will be obstacles, you can overcome them only at the expense of melodic tips. They will be placed just in those places where you need to press on the screen, this melody will fit into the beat of the main piece and you will successfully pass the barrier.

All actions will look, and sound very stylish, and a little insight into the unique control, the user will completely imbued with a unique atmosphere. It is worth noting that the more a gamer will delve into the musical composition, the more positive emotions will be able to get. Complexity in the game is very high, which means that you must be prepared to start the levels from the very beginning sometimes dozens of times.

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