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LAB Escape!
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LAB Escape! (Escape from the Laboratory) is an unusual 2D toy runner, in which very wonderful events will unfold before the gamer.

Manage in the application you will be one strange creature that escaped from a protected laboratory. It is white and runs on four limbs, and still has the ability to all kinds of mutations. However, for a mutation, he needs to consume food all the time. But it happened that the local population of a wonderful world is very suitable for this.

If your monster for a long time will not be anybody, then its energy will gradually run out, and it will die. But local people also want to live and do not rush to be eaten at all, which means that all the silas try to resist. In their arsenal, they have not just automatic weapons and pistols, but also helicopters with tanks. The whole arsenal is hard to hit and takes energy.

By completing the mutation scale, you will be able to choose one of three random patterns for the mutation. Some of them will speed up the creature for a while, others will act all the time. All abilities have a description, but it is in the English.


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