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Ristar - a retro platformer from the legendary company SEGA, which was transferred to mobile platforms.

Despite its not very young age, the toy can perfectly cope with the main task - to entertain gamers with its unique gameplay. In the application before you, the task will be to go through all the levels and fight at the end with the villain, whom it will be very difficult to combat.

It will be very difficult to do this, since the enemies will get a little weaker than the main boss on the way of the character, but they are also capable of inflicting great damage and damaging the nerves. The main weapon of the hero is very long arms that can snap opponents. And then will follow a powerful, knockout header.

Locations will be in the form of labyrinths, and at every corner you will be expected by all sorts of dangers in the form of sharp thorns, evil creatures or the most dangerous bombs-stuck. Life on the level you will be given only four, and when they run out, you need to start from the beginning.

As it was in all the old games, you will control the hero at the expense of a joystick, virtual or real.


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