Cheating Tom 4 - Hair Stylist Wannabe

Cheating Tom 4 - Hair Stylist Wannabe
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Cheating Tom 4 - Hair Stylist Wannabe (Rascal Volume 4) - the continuation of interesting and fun adventures about the prankish Tome.

This time, the hero decided to try out his skills in the skill of a hairdresser-stylist. In this difficult matter you will be helped by comrades, remarkable arrogance and, naturally, all sorts of tricks.

The gameplay is not very different from the first parts and consists in the fact that you need to do your work as quickly as possible to execute your business until it can be seen. The boss, in this case, the owner of the hairdresser. So just hold your finger on the next customer until Tom makes an elegant haircut.

Depending on the tasks at the stage, the required number of people with an interesting hairdo will be very different, and also the time for the mission. If a young stylist is noticed, then the whole round will have to start from the very beginning.

To prevent this from happening, it's worth keeping an eye on the chief's reaction and as soon as he starts moving, it's worth returning to the cleaner's work instantly. From time to time you will have to contrive in every possible way - to call friends to distract the Boss or to dress for example, a suit.


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