Drone: Shadow Strike

Arcade, Simulations
Drone: Shadow Strike
4.5 / 2
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Drone: Shadow Strike (Attack of Drones from the Shadow) - will invite you to take part in a large-scale and global attack on terrorist bases, scattered all over the planet, and you will not just watch all this, but be in the very center of the battles. Gamers will get a unique chance to take control of the missile salvoes at the expense of the drone.

The camera will be located at such an angle that the effect of full presence on the battlefield is simply assured to you. By clicking on the screen you will have to find and destroy enemies by all possible methods, and make sure that opponents do not destroy your drones. In certain tasks, you will have to confront the ground infantry, and monitor the safety of your soldiers.

At the end of all missions you will have to receive all sorts of extra bonuses and bonuses in order to increase your rank. In the game store, a gamer will have the opportunity to purchase for his aircraft homing warheads and other ammunition. With them, the game process will become even more colorful and dynamic, which will make you stay away from the screen for a long time.


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