Scream Flying - Eighth Note Go

Scream Flying - Eighth Note Go
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Scream Flying - Eighth Note Go (Screaming in the Air) - in the presented game a simple idea and a rather unusual control.

The essence of the application is old as the world: it is necessary to overcome as much distance as possible on one infinite location, in which there is a variety of types of obstacles. Many of the existing obstacles have the ability to move in both vertical and horizontal planes.

On the way, the user must select "notes", which represent the game currency, as well as various fruits with which you can help out a tidy sum.

The application is created in two-dimensional space and a pixel image, which became one of the game's chips. With the money you can get access to new characters, which are represented here as many as 19. Among the characters there is also a popular virtual singer - Mika Hatsune.

The music is only present inside the menu. However, management became the most interesting: to get the character up, you need to speak into the microphone. The louder the user sounds in the microphone, the higher the hero will be able to be.


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