Zombie's Got a Pogo

Zombie's Got a Pogo
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Zombie's Got a Pogo - action-application about zombies, who discovered for themselves such unusual devices as jumper-pogo.

The user must last as long as possible for one infinite level. In passing, you need to pick up brains that are in the air. In the presented project, human brains act as the local currency for the characters.

With the help of such tools, you can buy other jumpers, zombie types, various gains, as well as fashion accessories and things. When moving along the level, new varieties of traps appear, which you should not fall into. As obstacles, watermelons loaded with cannons or dug pits act.

The application is presented in two-dimensional design for a couple with suitable background music. Before the beginning of the passage, the user is shown some features in the control: you need to rotate the hero at such an angle that he moves back or forward.

If you do not take into account the diversity of the route, as well as the wealth of various accessories for the infected, the project still has one minus. As such a factor is the ability of the player to pass only one level.


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