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Bacon Escape (Bacon Escape) is an original and colorful arcade application where the player must help the mole to escape from prison.

We see before us a special prison for pigs, where our character is languishing. However, he planned his escape for a long time, and now, having broken through the wall of his cell, the pig is outside. Here we have to fulfill our task - to lead the main character to the finish, managing the various elements that are on his way.

Pig moving on the cart in automatic mode, we also have to press the screen in time to turn off the fire or current, deal with the spikes or on the contrary to cover the abyss or pit by a special mobile unit.

Naturally, we need to simultaneously select the gold, wooden boxes and apples. Inside the boxes, there may be new heroes, which are various representatives of the animal world, as well as improved types of bogies. Gold in the future can be spent on the purchase of chests with a variety of bonuses, and apples will allow the game to continue in the event of an error or our hero falling into some trap.


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