Draw and Spin (Fidget Spinner)

Draw and Spin (Fidget Spinner)
3.29 / 7
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Game review Draw and Spin (Fidget Spinner)

Draw and Spin (Fidget Spinner) - in the presented application, users have the opportunity to feel themselves as the creator of unique and unique spinners, and then disperse them to an incredible speed.

First you need to determine the bearing. The presented versions do not differ in form, but they have different shades and resemble appetizing donuts by their appearance. After that, we get something like a sketch, where you can select different colors, with the help of which you can give the future spinner any shape. Here you can choose even neon shades, and even the width of the line, which we will draw.

As soon as the fidget passes the final stage, you can click on the button located on the left side of the top of the screen and accelerate it so that it rotates as quickly as possible. Also at the top we can monitor the speed of rotation of our spinner.

Once the current fadget gets bored, you can go back to the creation mode and create a new version of the turntable.

The developers used the original idea, cute neon illumination for the game process and introduced a wide scope for creating new spinners, which can not but rejoice the admirers of popular toys and just curious users.

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