Hedgehog goes home

Hedgehog goes home
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Hedgehog goes home (Hedgehog Goes Home) is a fun adventure app where the player has to help the lovely hedgehog again to be at home.

A funny character blithely collected strawberries and was happy with her pleasant taste. And then a tornado came from somewhere, which took our hedgehog to an unknown direction. Of course, our hero was sad about the unpleasant and unexpected situation. However, you need to somehow get out of the unknown places and again be next to your cozy house, so now you need to find the right path to your native land.

Each level of Hedgehog goes home, it requires finding a hedgehog a new place to sleep, in which he could take a breath and after a while again prolong his trip. At our disposal there is no map of the entire location, so we have to gradually study the whole area, so that as a result we managed to find the cherished place.

Along the way, we have to pick nuts, berries, fruits, as well as other types of delicious foods, which in the end give us extra points and allow as a result to get all three stars for passing the current level. It is also necessary to avoid lakes and thorns, which can take away a certain amount of health.


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