Chicken Fly! - Platform Jumper

Chicken Fly! - Platform Jumper
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Chicken Fly! - Platform Jumper (Chicken Flight! - Platform) - a very funny connection platformer and runner, in which the user has to reincarnate in the chicken and rush forward at all pores, trying not to fall into the hands of an angry cook.

Having appeared on freedom, having got rid of strong capture of the vile aunt, the infinite running expects us. In it, our goal will be to overcome as far as possible, collecting gold, wheat, apples, and other bonus items along the way.

As a complication, there are a large number of obstacles in the role of which are burning fires, pit with dirt, bear traps and so on. If the hero slows down a little, the cook, along with his stupid little son, quickly overtake the chicken and grab it again. All the actions are accompanied by a fun sound that adds humor to the passage.

Coping with the various minigames in the Chicken Fly! - Platform Jumper, we earn not only an increase in our level, but also a monetary reward, which in turn gives access to new booster systems, such as magnets, acceleration and other useful bonuses.


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