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Card Thief
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Card Thief (Card Thief) - one of the most original card applications, which combines the features of RPGs and puzzles.

Each new level is a castle or mansion, which we have to clean. In order for us to cope with this task, we must avoid the guards by using a variety of techniques and taking precious items to our collection.

On the playing field in Card Thief there are 9 cards: our wards-thief, torches, various bonuses that can help us in the restoration of secrecy, guards and doors. While we are in shadow and the stealth parameter does not approach zero, we are allowed to steal the object, leaving the guards with impunity. However, as soon as secrecy crosses the permissible mark, we are immediately discovered and barked behind bars.

Like any self-respecting thief, we also have our own equipment elements. Here, as such objects are cards that allow you to extinguish torches without coming close to them, or to restore the level of secrecy.

Cute graphic design and the original gameplay will allow the player to immerse themselves in the passage.


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