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Bounzy! - an interesting interpretation of bubble shooters and arkanoidov, where you will need to destroy opponents coming on the wall.

The protagonist is a kind sorcerer who decided to take responsibility for defending the city from evil spirits. He uses fireballs and throws them at enemies. The confrontation is a field that is divided into cells. After all attacks of the gamer, the enemy will be picked up closer and closer.

It is always worth remembering that the balls of fire fly with ricochets from the walls of the playing field, and even from the opponents, causing them heavy damage. Due to this, it is possible to kill almost all enemy forces on the playing field even with an attack alone.

Bright and colorful graphics, and high-quality music with the head will be able to tighten you into the application. The control is as simple as possible: you just need to pinch the screen to create a trait with the trajectory of the projectile, and then direct it to the right side and that's it. Even at the very beginning of the passage, there will be clear training, so it's very easy to understand.

Attacks hero can be significantly strengthened in the underground modern laboratory.


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