Gun Blood Fight

Gun Blood Fight
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Gun Blood Fight (Bloody Shooting Pistols) - a bright action, the meaning of which - to shoot his opponent in a bloody duel. A bunch of weapons and possible game modes will make the application very dynamic.

Pixel design certainly leaves much to be desired, but the application takes absolutely not this. There will also be colorful special effects. For example, the more a gamer will fall into a certain part of the enemy's body, the more obvious will be the mutilation from the bullets - the skeleton will gradually be exposed, and in all possible directions pieces will scatter into the meat. With accurate hits in the legs or accurate shots in the head, the hero will slightly change his position on the location - fall on the stomach, on his back, and undermine his legs. So we can say that the toy is not exactly designed for the youngest generation of gamers.

The plot in the application is almost not there. But it does not hurt to not get off the toy for hours and just cheer yourself up. Modes here are divided into tasks that a gamer will encounter. For all the battles will be issued gold, which can be spent for the purchase of new images or more powerful weapons.


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