Black Ball - The Bouncing ball

Black Ball - The Bouncing ball
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Black Ball - The Bouncing ball - an arcade application, performed in the best traditions of the popular game called "Flappy Bird". Here it is necessary to remain in the game process as long as possible, trying to skirt the obstacles, quickly reacting to their appearance on the way.

The whole game is one level that is endless. The gamer should hold the ball as far as possible. Along the way, the user should avoid collisions with various obstacles, such as shurikens (some of them move).

Also it is worth remembering that under our wards there are spikes, contact with which will lead the ball to death. To perform the task, the player simply has to click on the screen. At this point, the ball will be on the platform, from which he will be able to bounce higher. Points are counted for each obstacle passed.

Graphic design in this game can not be called out of the ordinary, but it looks decent. Everything is done in black and white shades. A calm background melody helps to focus on the gameplay and does not detract from advancement in the location.

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