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Fling Fighters - a stylish battle with the participation of unusual characters, which is held in different arenas. Battles bribe users with their fascination and simplicity.

The player will be among the participants in the world tournament and win in all five battles. In order to carry out the assigned task, it is necessary to select a fighter who is available to us, and to enter the arena for battle. The task of the user is to run into the opponent funny shurikens, knocking out the experience gambling points, gold coins, and dealing damage.

At the end of the tournament, we get a chest in which our reward is: here you can get crystals, coins, maps of other fighters, which you can gradually improve in order to win in subsequent battles.

There are a lot of characters in Fling Fighters, most of which we know well: there are Predator, Batman, Shrek, as well as other characters from cartoons and films about heroes with superpowers. In addition, there is the opportunity to battle with a special Boss, so as a result to rise in the ranking of the global table among all users of this application.

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