Vikings: An Archer's Journey

Vikings: An Archer's Journey
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Vikings: An Archer's Journey (Vikings: The Adventures of the Archer) is a fascinating arcade application where the user must control a warrior archer who is a Viking.

The project refers to the genre of runners, where developers have implemented a small percentage of the action, so that from time to time the player must use the bow and arrows to stay alive.

Control is divided into two parts of the screen: the left area is responsible for aiming and shooting, and the right side for jumping. With each new race, the location is randomly generated, so that the user will never go through the same route twice.

As you progress through the game process, it becomes more difficult for the player to go through the location, as more opponents and obstacles appear. At each murder, a certain amount of gold is charged to the user. The amount of reward depends on the series of combos conducted, as well as other parameters. It is also necessary to accurately shoot, not miss - so it will be possible to earn more coins, for which you can buy bonuses that facilitate in some measure the passage.


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