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Spells of Genesis
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Spells of Genesis - a fascinating role-playing application with some elements of Arkanoid.

This project offers users to draw up a deck of cards, just like in a popular game called Hearthstone. But only the mechanics here are slightly different: the playing field is gradually filled with balls on which the image of the opponent is plotted, the gamer must shoot at them accurately, throwing out his balls.

Faster than everyone understands the gameplay users who have passed the levels of the notorious Arkanoid, where using the force of the rebound you need to destroy the blocks. Here the principle does not differ from the predecessor. The main difference is the dependence of the damage caused for one hit from the selected card.

Many of the cards offered have a unique ability. With the help of such elements, the impact is more damaging than that of conventional cards. It is also worth noting that the user must constantly use the environment in order to eventually get close to the enemy.

At each level launch, of which a total of 300, the player loses a unit of energy. The user can have only 11 hearts.


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